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LabTech Software's Online Documentation

Helpful Tips For Using This Site

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  • Click a link from the categories menu to the left to open documentation in a new tab / window.
  • To return to this landing page, simply return to the original tab / window.
  • After clicking a button to the left, clicking the LabTech logo will collapse all categories that are currently expanded.
  • You can jump between different documentation categories using the dropdown menu next to the search box at the top of the page.

Finding Information

Image of Contents Tab Contents tab: The Contents tab displays the primary topics as books. Click a book to expand it to display the associated topics. Click on a topic to view.
Image of Contents Tab Index tab: The Index tab displays an alphabetical list of keywords. To find a specific topic using keywords, scroll down the list and click on the item to view.
Image of Contents Tab Search box: The Search box allows you to search for a word or phrase on any topic. Type the word or phrase into the Search box and press the Search icon (magnifying glass). All topics meeting the search criteria will display. Click on the topic you want to view.