Network Probe: Troubleshooting SNMP Walk Errors 

Network Probe/SNMP

Qualifying Conditions

Use Case

When performing SNMP walks of network devices from the control center, some prerequisites must be met or the walk will fail with a message similar to the one below:


Step(s) to Resolution

  1. Open the network device you are trying to walk and ensure the correct Community (get) string is filled in. If not, input the correct string.

You may also need to input SNMP settings, such as SNMP version and credentials, if using SNMPv3.

  1. Regardless of whether settings were changed in Step 1, refresh configuration on the probe.
    • Right click on the probe agent in the Navigation Tree and choose Commands > Probe > Refresh Configuration.
    • Try walking the device again.

  1. If the walk in Step 2 fails, try walking the device again, but this time limit the OIDs returned to 20 (for troubleshooting purposes). A walk will fail if it takes longer than the alloted time.

If the walk is successful, you can try slowly increasing the number of OIDs returned in order to walk the full spectrum of the device.

  1. If the walk in Step 3 fails, try walking from another program outside of LabTech. The following tool can be used if desired:

Download the file above onto the machine running the probe at the location you're having trouble with. Extract the files and run snmpwalk.exe.

  1. If this tool returns an error, such as the one below, there would be some variable in the network blocking SNMP communication. Check the following:
    • Ensure the device is SNMP enabled.
    • No firewall or other device is blocking SNMP traffic or traffic on port 161.
    • Investigate any other variables in your network that could block the traffic.

  1. SNMP walks will not work in LabTech if they fail using the third party tool above. If you continue to have trouble walking the device after troubleshooting contact the manufacturer of the device for assistance.

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